Achieving the elusive fair Maiden Beauty

February 16, 2010

Have you ever wondered majority of the Asian Women, especially Japanese, Chinese and Korean ones have incredibely fair, smooth and glowing skin? Going to a dermatologist is very expensive, and it can’t be daily so how do they attain it?

Glutathione. Yes, it is one of the leading factor in attaining fair, smooth and glowing skin. But what about Grape Seed Oil, Rosehip Extract & Vitamin C? Do you know what are they and what are the secrets of these 3? Only few actually know the benefits of these 3 but i’ll elaborate them here on what are their best effects on your skin:

Grape Seed Extract – Procyanadin: The secret anti aging vitamin?

One particular type of phenol found in grape seed is called procyanidin. It was initially discovered in 1936 by Professor Jacques Masquelier, who called it Vitamin P, (although the name didn’t really catch on, and has since fallen out of usage).

Procyanidins are thought to protect the body from premature aging.

Scientists think they do this by increasing Vitamin C levels in the cells and scavenging for toxins so the organs can get rid of them.

Procyanidins also bond with collagen, the most abundant protein in the body and a key component of skin, gums, bones, teeth, hair and body tissues.

The bonding promotes cell health and skin elasticity, making it seem more youthful, in a process that works almost like a natural face-lift. Procyanidins additionally help protect the body from sun damage, which can also cause premature ageing of the skin!

Rose Hip Oil: The proven, tested 100% effective scar remover

Rose hips are the seed pod left after the rose petals fall off.

The oil from rose hips, often called rosa mosqueta, is very nutritious and consists of 80 percent essential fatty acids. It was a mainstay of the Incas, for example, for its nutritional qualities.

Rose hip oil is also renowned for its benefits for the skin. In fact, it has multiple benefits.
It is particularly famous for any scars, including acne scars! If you have scars caused by the pimple attack, I strongly recommend this product.

And did I say benefits with the “s”? Yes, aside from being a scar remover, the Rosehip Oil can give multiple benefits also to the skin like in treating:

  • Dry eczema
  • Skin burns, including sunburn
  • Rehydrates dry skin
  • Repair damaged skin cells of all sorts
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Benefit for dry, mature, aging skin

And on to the 3rd one, the known skin enhancer – the Glutathione.

So what are these benefits that made the Glutathione famous in the market?

Glutathione: The primary factor in achieving fair, radiant skin

Glutathione is a natural antioxidant. In its natural form in the body, one of its main purposes is to remove toxins produced by the body. In soap, the natural antioxidant properties of the synthesized version are said to be good for the skin.

The antioxidant properties are said to help maintain healthy, youthful skin by slowing the death of cells and helping to maintain the health and vitality of skin cells. Part of how glutathione helps as an antiaging treatment is by lightening the surface of the skin.

One of the primary uses for glutathione soap is to whiten skin. Glutathione works by inhibiting the skin’s production of melanin, resulting in a natural lightening of the skin. Glutathione soap is often used to treat hyperpigmentation, freckles, melasma, uneven skin tone, age spots and other uneven skin tones or many other dark spots on skin.

The benefits of Grape Seed Extract, Rosehip Oil, Glutathione is very powerful and effective, but what about combining the 3 along with the Vitamin C?

Incredibly amazing!

Vitamin C: The elusive secrets to Skin Care

Research has shown that vitamin C is really the only thing that stimulates the growth of collagen. Collagen is the substance that gives structure and strength to your skin.

Simply by growing older there is a natural reduction of the production of collagen in the body, and this is revealed by the appearance of wrinkles on the skin. Thus, by stimulating the production of collagen, the process may be reversed, at least temporarily.

And lastly, Vitamin C is an effective antioxidant as it removes free radicals on your skin. If the skin is being detoxified and been cleansed from the free radicals,  the resulting effect will make the skin look fresh, young and healthy that it will be noticeably glowing and smooth to touch.

Getting the benefits of Glutathione, Grapeseed Extract, Rosehip Oil and Vitamin C makes you think packing these 4 will result to an expensive product.

BUT NO – Get the benefits of these 4 in 1 Powerful soap with a price that is perfect for your budget – Only Php 140.00 ! And all of these are organic so its safe for your skin and works effectively compared to other soaps with synthetic ingredients.

The product is BFAD Approved, and can be used by our Muslim brothers and  sisters as it is approved by the Office of Muslim Affairs. For more inquiries & product order, you may contact me here:



Mobile Number: 09268124552 (Main Contact), 09265686299

Live Chat Support (Yahoo! Messenger): thoughtsencoded

Live Chat Support (Skype): mpacaldo

Selling range is within Iligan City premises only. Delivery outside Iligan will be considered if buyer orders by bulk.


4 Responses to “Achieving the elusive fair Maiden Beauty”

  1. Diane said

    Thanks for this article, is there any discount if I purchase the product by bulk?

    • rinkaru said

      Yes, you can avail for a discounted price if you purchase more than 20 boxes. If you’re interested, please do contact me thru the phone numbers listed in this article. Thank you.

  2. gemma gasparmegaspar66 said

    hi!im interested with ur can i avail or buy it?im from malolos,bulacan

  3. rinkaru said

    Hi gemma,

    We deliver the products through LBC or Air21 for orders. Kindly contact me thru my cp num (09268124552) or send me a message in my email. (

    Thank you. 🙂

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