Club Zinc: Synchronizing Techno Beats

July 21, 2008

A new club have emerged once again in Iligan City with the bar’s interior design inclined in modern genre that gives its customer a social feel with its satisfactory services and floor burning music.

Taken at Club Zinc’s Profile:

“Our Creed, Our Culture, Our Music…The Club is in itself an institution of people who distinguish themselves as the proud sons and daughters of the locale. Not driven by social status or the evils of genetic influence. They care not what standards urban lifestyle proponents envision nor do they decide who to choose and assemble in a circle of exclusivity, for what this club is all about stems from the roots of what is customary to its people and what is primarily distinct to its culture.”

We at Club Zinc shall party as One!

Club Zinc is located in Iligan City, just above Smart Wireless Center. For more pics around the club, just browse in this link:


3 Responses to “Club Zinc: Synchronizing Techno Beats”

  1. Lyn Ciao said


    ZINC (new) – High Class na mga POKPOK and mga Dirty Old Men diri ga tambay, pang EXTACY and setting like in Cebu’s Club, so para dili ka maalan nga POkPok or Addict, then stay away ani na lugar. and the Beer is Expensive! Minors dili pwede mo inom diri, girls pag minor looking ka, dili ka tagaan og beer…hehehe…baduy man diay ni gihapon na bar. I think tag-iya ani ang L
    UXOS bar, its the most boring bar gyud sa ILIGAN. Buy your beer somewhere..79% Dangerous.

    GATZ BAR – Most bloody bar. almost every week naay gubot. Mga bayot ang gatambay diri, Nice food pero bad securty. Init kaayo nga Bar. 95% Dangerous.

    Luxus Bar – Jologs bar. Girls beware ang moklo sa Bangkok diri na ga tambay. Pangit gyud ni na Lugar. Period. 95% Dangerous.

    Bangkok Nights – Mingaw na, coz mi balhin na sa GATZ og Luxos ang mga jologs og moklo diri, Ok na gyud kay nanay BAND, Fiona Rocks, my Favorite Band. 20% Dangerous.

    Petron/Caltex- Always beware here, dilikado diri during nighttime, Cheap beer, cheap girls, everything is cheap..ur nightlife here is cheap . 100% Dangerous.

    Club Seven – Timing lang diri, lay gubot kay lay tawo usahay. 20% Dangerous.

    BEA’s Coffe – Ok lang, chill out na lugar, but walay parking space.
    5% Dangerous.

    ARUMA Coffe – At first ok, now hang out sa mga og mga Moklo…tsk…tsk.
    80% Dangerous.

    YOMZ = – cool lang diri, good food, nice ambience. 5% dangerous.

    Iliganon = Nature ang Ambience, artistic and showcase Iligan’s Spots, Really Iligan scene.
    5% Dangerous.

    Be Safe, stay away from Bars nga naa mga Moklo, DOM og ADDICT, ask yourself why?

    Who I Want to Meet:

    Cute na lalaki.

  2. jake said

    whats your problem?!

  3. flipt said

    this was helpful.

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